1 - General return policy

All merchandise returns are subject to the following conditions:

  • Any return of an order must be previously consulted and authorized by our company BBSport, regardless of the nature of its cause.

  • If the return is subject to an erroneous delivery of material by us, BBSport will make all necessary arrangements to remove the erroneous merchandise and deliver the correct merchandise.
  • If the return is the subject of an order placed erroneously by the buyer, he must bear all the expenses generated by the procedures for the exchange of the material (postage one way, return ... etc)
  • If the return of a material is for warranty inspection by the manufacturer, our return policy will always be subordinate to the warranty policy of each particular manufacturer.
  • In the case of a return previously authorized to process a claim, if the manufacturer's warranty proceeds, the changed or repaired material will be delivered at no extra cost to the customer, if this does not proceed then all the expenses of the procedures will be charged to the buyer.
  • To know the general terms of our guarantees please follow this link

2 - Particular return policy

Before proceeding to make a return it is necessary to consult previously with our commercial department and have Under the following conditions, no claim that does not comply with the protocol will be processed:

  • 2.1 - General clause on returns.

    As a general rule our company will accept all those returns of material that are reasonably justified, such as a wrong shipment by us or the manufacturer, an erroneous reference, a defective material ... etc. In any case, all returns must be previously consulted and authorized by BBSport.

    Returns will not be accepted for arbitrary and personal issues that are not within a legal framework, for example, subjective assessments and criteria that do not fit with the personal tastes of the buyer.

  • 2.2 - Returns by subjective criteria

    Returns are not accepted for reasons of arbitrary nature or criteria of personal taste, such as;

    1. Issues of personal subjective perception about the hardness and tarado of the shock absorbers, either by default or by excess.

    2. Issues of personal subjective perception about the height of sports springs, either by default or by excess.

    3. Appearance and / or amplification of noises after the assembly of sports suspensions, sports brakes or any joint in general that stiffens the chassis.

    4. Appearance of problems of incompatibility between mechanical organs if a whole assembly has not been acquired (purchase of loose parts of different marking, reference or characteristics with respect to the twin parts of the same axis or the other organs that form a set)

    5. Difference in performance, performance or characteristics with respect to a part that has been purchased unpaired. It is always advisable to acquire the complete set of a suspension or brakes, this is especially imperative in twin parts of the same axle to ensure balance in the behavior of the vehicle.

    6. The assembly of sport accessories must always be installed by expert personnel. Returns of materials will not be accepted due to inexperience and / or insufficient skills for the assembly of sport accessories, ignorance or ignorance of the product object of the purchase.
  • 2.3 - Returns relating to the manufacture of a product whose source of origin of manufacture is different from the country of the brand

    Returns are not accepted for arbitrary reasons of the origin of the country of origin of manufacture of the product, most European brands, suppliers and manufacturers have established their production and manufacturing registration in European territory but in certain cases may have affiliates, subsidiaries or production plants in other countries outside the European Community in which other products in the catalog are manufactured with certain references.

    It is also common, as well as legal, in many European brands and manufacturers to obtain from other manufacturers with origin in the same country or in other foreign countries to complete, supplement or expand the catalog of applications of the brand of their own product.

    If a brand has its fiscal headquarters and production plant in a certain country and is supplied with raw material from another country and obtains certification of approval and / or official quality of the product in question, such as the TÜV, the product for legal purposes complies perfectly with the European guidelines on quality.

    For example, if a brand is established in Germany and is sourced with genre (either raw material or finished product) from an Asian country such as China or another and obtains quality certification and/or homologation from the German TÜV, the product complies with European quality directives.


  • 2.4 - Returns to claim a pronouncement from the manufacturer

    The returns to claim a guarantee and a pronouncement of the manufacturer have a protocol that does not depend only on our company but also on the protocol of the manufacturer of the product object of the claim, they will only proceed if this claim form is previously filled, it must be printed, filled out, signed, scanned and sent to the email address: comercial@bbsport.es

  • 2.5 - Sending the material

    Once the form has been filled out and sent and subsequently the authorization of BBSport, we will contact you to send to collect the material and manage the claim to the manufacturer's warranty and claims department to request a diagnosis and a pronouncement. We can NOT provide delivery times or specific dates for the manufacturer's pronouncement, since we depend directly on them.