BBSport is a physical enterprise with headquarters and fiscal headquarters registered in the Mercantil Register of Barcelona, Tomo 37723, Folio 83, Sheet B 309955 as Ballestas Barcelona S.L. and with social address in Calle Tallers Number 8 of Montmeló, CP 08160 and CIF: B63874424.

Any dispute can be made to the public bodies intended to do so, we also have claims available to the public.

3 - We guarantee you the satisfaction of purchase, if you think you have received an item different from the described or whose description is different from its characteristics we offer you the return or change by another.

If you have received a defective product, we will replace it as long as there are real and justified evidence of possible defects.

5 - For any consultation with any problem or claim you must contact the management department of this company by sending in writing to the address

External Guarantees

To process any guarantee the object must have been acquired in Neustra company.We are not wholesale or represent any brand or distribution signature exclusively for Spainthus, we reserve the right not to accept the processing of guarantees or claims of products of "listillos" that have purchased it by other companies other than our by the internet, sales platforms type ebay, amazon, etc.

At BBSport we will do everything we can always to meet you in the best way possible and in the most transparent way possible in the service, but in the same way, we are not ashamed to say that we don’t like the “lists” they buy elsewhere and come to claim to our company.


Special Terms of Guarantees

As a general rule, any product listed on this website is subject to the official guarantee that each manufacturer gives on its products.

The general warranty period is 2 years against manufacturing defects and structural deformations or rupture

It does not include within the guarantees those items in which, by its nature of consumable, it is wasted with the normal use of it (pastillas, brakes, amortisers, etc.)

The guarantee also does not include any product that has been the object of bad manipulation, misuse, racing use or has been the object of a sinister

Racing and Motorsport accessories are not the same as the original replacement of the official concessionaries, of replacement equivalent to the characteristics of the original or known as postmarket or aftermarket replacement.

Products considered as Motorsport, Racing and Performancealter the characteristics of originakes of the vehicle and have a warranty terms subject to compliance with the following clauses:

  • 1.1 Motorsport Products

    All products included in this category are considered to increase or vary the performance and characteristics with which the car was homologated in its technical file.The customer will be perfectly aware that variing these characteristics can lead to the loss of the guarantee of the concessionary and an alteration in the reliability of the vehicle by which it was conceived.

    All products that are not mounted on a competent authorized technical service and/or that are mounted on account and risk of the customer will lose any guarantee when submitting claims.

    The ITV reform law has hardened in recent years, therefore, the accessories considered
    Motorsport, Racing and Performance, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to legalize the reforms,
    BBSport sells accessories and parts OFF ROAD (out of road, i.e. circuit) in 80% of its catalogue.

    BBSport will not accept any claims for the results of disadvantaged inspections on the ITV.
    It is the decision and responsibility of the user to install this type of accessories.
    BBSport will never guarantee the favourable pass of the ITV inspections given the arbitrary character that the ITV stations are acquiring in the national territory.


  • 1.2 Guarantee of the manufacturer of accessories

    The guarantee is limited to the guarantee offered by the manufacturer of the product in the terms of use that each mark.BBSport is not responsible for any additional guarantees that are not covered by the manufacturer.

    The nature of the products Motorsportgiven the purpose with which they have been conceived (for races and competitions) they cannot be considered as replacement or aftermarket replacement and are not covered by the same guarantees that regulate european regulations as regards the original or equivalent replacement.

  • 1.3 Guarantees of the concessionary

    The customer is aware that any element that is mounted on a vehicle that is not strictly the original of the vehicle with the purpose of changing the performance of the vehicle, may be the object of interference with the original guarantee offered by the concessionary that matriculates the vehicle.

    If you have your car in warranty period we recommend that you before changing any piece or accessory, consult your concession to make sure your warranty terms.


  • 1.4 – Review the material at the receipt of the goods

    Our company always reviews all orders before being sent, however we recommend that at the receipt of the goods observe that no piece is missing and everything is correct, have 15 natural days from the receipt of the goods to put it in our knowledge.After that period, no claims for lack of pieces, defects allegedly derived from transportation will be accepted.

  • 1.5 – General images

    Most of the images of the items listed on this web are the generics supplied by the manufacturer, they do not match your car model, they are only exposed as an indicative sample of how the product is, each reference has its own design peculiarities and will never be the object of claim that the image of the figure does not match the product supplied by design, color, size or additional items supplied.


  • 1.6 Execution of the guarantee

    No refund requests will be accepted. At all times, the execution of the guarantee will be strictly limited to the replacement of the item that is the subject of a defect and which has been previously approved by the manufacturer. The guarantee of our company is subordinated the manufacturer’s resolution.Once the manufacturer has stated the resolution corresponding to the claim, in the event that you do not agree with it, you have the right to file a claim against the manufacturer and if you consider it appropriate against our company before the competent authority.


  • 1.7 - Materials manipulated unfairly and/or incompetence in assembly

    In general, any material that has been previously manipulated undue by the user or the mechanic who has tried to make the assembly will be excluded from the guarantee and will not be claimed or returned.

    All accessories Motorsport that has not been installed in a competent technical service authorized and registered in the Industrial Register and/or installed by the user for his account and the risk will be excluded from the guarantee.
    NO RETURN OR GUARANTEE WILL BE ACCEPTED workshops that do not have a mechanical specialty and are of general maintenance (Unregistered clandestine workshops, fast mechanics chains and franchises, unqualified operators etc.) whose competition does not go beyond fast or general mechanics.

    BBSport will study each case individually and will do everything possible to advise the customer if you have any problem in the assembly, but no claims or returns shall be accepted for lack of praise and/or inexperience of the person making the assembly for the same item that has previously been tested in other cars of the same model and reference.

    Our company will not accept claims nor will derived expenses be paid of assembly operations that are imputable to the incompetence of the operator who has intervened in assembly operations.


  • Articles allegedly incomplete or defective

    Statistically it is demonstrated that more than 90% of the complaints submitted about a alleged defective item, is due to an unlawful use outside the terms of use marked by the manufacturer, an unlawful manipulation, an incorrect assembly or a alleged erroneous technical diagnosis of the mechanic or workshop that makes the diagnosis.


  • Fake and/or incorrect technical diagnosis

    There are many workshops and technical services that, because of lack of praise, experience or adequate machinery, if they are with some inexperienced problem, noise that did not exist before, an erratic behavior of the car just after mounting a replacement or accessory an unexpected problem, in the face of the impossibility or incompetence of being able to elaborate a correct real diagnosis, bring that problem to the piece used and/or mounted to remove the problem from above and transfer the responsibility to the seller or manufacturer (especially if the user has brought them a material to mount it but they have not bought them unfortunately is a very usual practiceand.
    In these cases, returns are excluded.

    The experience of many manufacturers and sellers
    it has led them to have to elaborate a protocol to be able to discern between a real failure and an incompetent diagnosis of the problem by the workshops.To avoid this type of situations, misunderstandings and disputes, we cannot do a remote monitoring of your mechanic’s assembly process, but we recommend that you carefully follow the following instructions.


  • 1.10.1 Problems with suspension and organ or parts changed and related to the suspension system
  • A - Problem appearance immediately after the assembly
    If you notice that immediately after mounting a new suspension to your car detects one or more noise immediately to the workshop for you to review the problem, it may be due to a defective mounting of the piece and if not, there is the risk that the material deteriorates and the manufacturer will not cover the guarantee.
  • If you observe an erratic behavior of your vehicle when you leave the workshop, or you have empered instead of improving, make sure your mechanic has reviewed the following points.
  • Check/align the geometry of the car.In 100% of cases it is imperative to check the alignment of the axes, in more than 90% of cases the parallel quotas and falls vary and a symptom of this is an erratic behavior of the car
  • Ensure that the tires have the price indicated by the manufacturer, an insufficient or excessive pressure is reason enough for the car to make strangers.
  • In case you have mounted roscated suspensions please read this tutorial and make sure your mechanic has made the correct and appropriate adjustments to your driving style.
  • Never use pneumatic impact toolsany breaking of passed axes or roses is not guaranteed.
  • Go to the workshop immediately if you notice any noise or abnormal behavior of your vehicle immediately after the assembly of a new component.


  • B - The appearance of possible problems after continued use

    If you perceive any unusual change in your car’s behavior, it is very likely that it is due to one of the following causes:
  • A disalinate of the direction or on the rear and/or motor axis
  • A variation of the geometry of the axes caused by any possible blow, strong bite, accident, rugged bands, obstacles or pronounced irregularities of the firm.
  • A loss of the pneumatic inflated pressure.
  • Continued use, extreme climate conditions and natural waste can cause excessive waste in the rigid joints such as labels, spherical joints and basculating arms and/or in the elastic joints such as silent blocks, motor supports, other joints and chassis rubber supports, upper rubber amortisers and any other union element that is susceptible to suffer waste.IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO DIAGNOSE THESE DEFECTS AND IT REQUIRES EXPERIENCE.
  • Claims relating to the manufacture of a product whose source of manufacture is different from the country of the brand
    Returns are not accepted for issues about the origin of the product manufacturing country, most European brands, suppliers and manufacturers have established their production and manufacturing registration in the European territory but in certain cases they may have subsidiaries, subsidiaries or production plants in other countries outside the European Community in which other products in the catalogue are manufactured with certain references and/or of which raw material or finished product can be supplied.

    It is also common, at the same time legal, in many European brands and manufacturers to supply from other manufacturers with origin in the same country or in other foreign countries to complete, supplement or extend the brand application catalog of their own product.

    If a trademark has its tax headquarters and production plant in a given country and is supplied with raw materials from another country and obtains official certification of homologation and/or quality of the product in question, such as TÜV, the product for legal purposes perfectly comply with the European quality guidelines.

    For example, if a brand is established in Germany and is supplied with gender (whether raw material or finished product) from an Asian country such as China or another and obtains quality certification and/or homologation from the German TÜV, the product complies with the European quality directives.


If you do not agree with any or any of the conditions here, please do not proceed to accept them to access the purchase and payment page