Special Conditions of Sale

The action of making and confirming a purchase through the cart on our site implies the acceptance of all the following conditions:


1 - Delivery and Delivery Deadlines

    To avoid unnecessary delays, please always provide delivery addresses in which there is always at least one person available throughout the day to receive delivery.The shipping offices of the transport agencies will not pass again until the next day if no one is found at the time of delivery, if it is repeatedly absent, the agency will return the shipment to its sender, incurring extra expenses for you.

  • It is very important also to make sure you leave all the correct and complete data of your delivery address.Know that 90% of delays and/or incidents are due to an incorrect and/or incomplete address in the absence of the recipient.

  • Remember to always leave an OPERATIVE phone number in which you can locate the transport agency.

  • Remember that all delivery deadlines that come out reflected in the product sheet, are orientative, not accurate, therefore, the deadline could vary both up and down, depending on the supplier's transport and logistics.Therefore, please wait until the announced deadline is met, once it has expired, if you have not received it, please contact us to request update of the state of your order, but not before please.

2 – Methods of payment

  • To further accelerate the delivery time, we recommend using the card payment method.If you choose the bank transfer modality, know that the transaction can take up to 2/3 days more if the transfer is made between different entities.

  • If you choose the payment method by bank transfer, the order will not be effective, nor will it be processed until the transfer has been made effective on the bank account (the sending of bank justifications by electronic banking will not be binding)

  • We advise you to consider using the option to finance your purchases with the option "Pay + Late", in this way you will be able to choose the number of quotas to pay more convenient for you

3 – General images

  • Most of the images of the items listed on this web are the generics supplied by the manufacturer, they do not match your car model, they are only exposed as an indicative sample of how the product is, each reference has its own design peculiarities and will never be the object of claim that the image of the figure does not match the product supplied by design, color, size or additional items supplied.

Error in the order supplied

  • If you have received your order incorrectly or you consider that the received material is incomplete or does not correspond to the description of it, please contact us IN THE NEXT 15 DAYS at the receipt of the product, to solve any incidence of this nature and we will do everything we can to fix the errors.Once this period has passed, complaints will not be accepted

Cancellation of an ongoing order

  • Once the order has been processed to our suppliers and is already ongoing, it will not be possible to cancel the order since in some cases the product is manufactured exclusively for the buyer who has ordered it and cannot be cancelled or returned.

  • Once the material has been received, if the buyer changes the idea, some unpredictable personal (change of car model by another, accidental car etc.) will not be charged with any refund, unless it is a obviously justified reason.


If you do not agree with any or any of the conditions here, please do not proceed to accept them to access the purchase and payment page



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