BMW Serie 3 E30 Barra de refuerzo torretas trasera Ultra Racing

BMW 3 Series E30 Ultra Racing rear strut strut bar

BMW Series 3 E30 Back Torrents Ultra Racing





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Strengths of chassis and stabilizing bars Ultra racing

Ultra racing refuerzos de chasis

The chassis of your vehicle

The chassis of an origin vehicle are designed primarily to protect occupants, to ensure their safety and comfort.A chassis is never rigid as it is a rigid steel bar, it has some flexibility, even if it seems to us at a simple sight that it is not so.

If you catch a steel wire like the ones that are used in construction from the two extremes, you will see that it is practically not deformed, but if you catch from the two extremes a long steel bar, you will see that it is curved by the center and by transporting it moves with oscillations and more pronounced as more bats or jumping pills.

For something similar happens with the chassis of a vehicle, it is not rigid so that it does not absorb the irregularities of the ground and passes them to passengers.

The harder the suspensions we mount, the less they will amortise the strikes and the more they will absorb the chassis, weakening it more and more until it breaks and / or breaks, losing safety and stability.

What is the Ultra Racing Strength Bar?

By mounting these elements we succeed in strengthening the chassis, giving it more consistency, more structural rigidity of the whole, greater duration, greater stability and greater accuracy in the dynamic response of the car.

ultraracing before

ultra racing after

When is it recommended to mount Ultra Racing chassis reinforcements?

The assembly of this element is always closely related and/or associated with the assembly of a harder and sports suspension.

It is advised to mount chassis reinforcements with the use of harder amortisers, harder molds, harder joints, spherical labels etc

Any increase in hardness and/or reduction or elimination of an elastic element of the suspension, implies that all irregularities of the ground will be absorbed directly in greater proportion by the chassis.

That is, it will suffer more and will tend to weaken by the unions and the bonds coming to break down or break most of the times by the unions, provoking an imprecise, erratic and insecure chassis behavior.

These defects often pass unnoticed to the driver because they are not easily appreciable at simple sight, only appreciated when it’s already late and it’s broken somewhere.

Refuerzos ultra racing chasis



Notes about use

It is especially advised to mount reinforcements together when a rosked sports suspension is mounted with rigid coples.

The installation of stabilizing bars and reinforcements does not represent any reform, it is not necessary to make any reform legalization before the ITV since no system of suspension, direction or braking is modified as well as the technical characteristics are not modified.

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