About BBSport

BBSport is a company specializing in the import of accessories for the preparation and enhancement of Japanese and German tourism.

We search and locate high-performance components to enhance the performance of Japanese cars Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Infinity, Lexus, and Suzuki and German cars, mainly BMW and VAG Group (Seat, Audi and Volkswagen) in addition to others such as Mercedes and Porsche.

History of our company

BBSport as a company is formed in the year 2000 as a branch derived from another pioneer automotive company in our country, named Ballestas Barcelona and founded in 1951.

BBSport is a company specialized in Motorsport it was born as a branch derived from the company Ballestas Barcelona which was originally focused on the repairs of vehicles in the centre of Barcelona.

Our speciality

Our matrix company has been specialized since the early 1950s in the areas of suspension, chassis and brakes for industrial vehicles and tourism.

With the passage of time, the performance of tourism was evolving and increasing, greater power, greater diversity of models, greater hobby for sports automovilism, etc.

BBSport was created to meet the needs of customers who want to enhance the performance of their vehicles to enjoy a safer, competitive and effective sports driving.

At present, BBSport is focused on the import of accessories related to the preparation of brakes, chassis and suspension.Our specialty has been that for many years and we want to continue to focus on these areas to provide better service to our customers.

BBSPort is a real physical store

BBSport it is not just an online store among the thousands that can be found on the network. BBSport it is a real physical store located in the town of Montmeló 3 minutes from the Circuit de Catalunya, in a very accessible and easy parking location.

There are a lot of accessory stores on the internet, on e-commerce platforms such as Ebay, Amazon etc.but they have the disadvantage that many of them are virtual and do not have a real physical structure, which makes contact with people complicated in case of having some problem with the product, especially when the guarantees and claims.

In BBSport you can find people willing to help you behind the display and the phone, and not just a simple contact email as in most virtual stores.

In BBSport we put our accumulated experience in the competition world at the customer’s disposal to advise you in those technical aspects in which the user may have doubts.

We offer personalized and serious treatment, we commit to solving the possible problems that may arise after a sale as well as we are available to the customer in any doubts or queries you may have.

In BBSport we delightfully address all customers, and we try to solve all the doubts that may arise to the user, but we also want to give a warning for browsers, we don’t like the lists that make us waste time asking prices and information and then go to the competition.