DriftMax Ergo handbrake drift kit
DriftMax Ergo handbrake drift kit
DriftMax Ergo handbrake drift kit
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DriftMax Ergo handbrake drift kit
DriftMax Ergo handbrake drift kit
DriftMax Ergo handbrake drift kit

DriftMax Ergo handbrake drift kit

DriftMax Ergo handbrake drift kit

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DriftMax Ergo handbrake drift kit

Características en el idioma original

  • Choose your master cylinder : AP Racing, Wilwood or standard
  • Vertical use only
  • "knuckles style" handle
  • Optional hoses for quick and safe assembly
  • Total handle length : 33 cm
  • Compatible with Nissan S13, S14, S15, Skyline, BMW E30, E36, AE86..

Ergo Hydraulic Handbrake Package Specification

When drifting, OE cable handbrakes quickly reach their limit, especially as speeds increase and if your vehicle has larger tyres. A hydraulic handbrake is the effective, long term solution.

This handbrake gets its name from his "knuckle style" handle. It uses a 0.625" master cylinder, providing power and reliability to your rear brake calipers.

By providing independent hydraulic pressure to the rear brakes, it gives quick and accurate braking, locking them far more efficiently than a cable system. It also features a locking mechanism that can act as a temporary parking brake (when queuing for a run, for example). It must not be used unattended.

Which Master Cylinder to Choose ?

Our hydraulic handbrake kits are supplied with standard master cylinders, suitable for common use on most vehicles (road, trackday). For heavu duty use, in competition, with a very torquey engine and very wide or semi-slick tires, we recommend opting for a higher range from Wilwood or AP Racing (optional above).

The ideal diameter of a master cylinder is often the subject of much debate, while the answer is very simple: there is no ideal diameter! Every driver and every vehicle is different. Without going into great theoretical explanations, remember that the larger the diameter of the master cylinder, the more liquid it moves when you pull it: the stroke of the lever will therefore be shorter and firmer, the effort to be provided by your arm will be higher. It can be difficult to properly dose braking in these conditions. On the contrary, with a small diameter master cylinder, the stroke will be longer, the lever easier to pull, and more dosable.

Generally speaking, a diameter between 15.8 mm and 19.1 mm is a good compromise for all uses. Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact our technical staff for more precise information, especially if you are using large multi-piston calipers. Several master cylinders are available offering many variations in diameter, with or without brake fluid reservoir for separate calipers dedicated to the handbrake.

For quick, easy and safe mounting, select the optional hose kit above! 

With the above hose kit, fitment will be direct on the vast majority of cars used for drifting (Nissan S13, S14, S15, Skyline, BMW E30, E36, AE86...). The hoses provided simply replace your stock rear brake line, and add the handbrake assembly into the middle. They connect at the front to the master cylinder/ABS unit and into the rear caliper T-piece at the rear of the car. See the picture below for a diagram.

Hose and fitting specifications

Output hose (180 cm) :

x1 male 3/8" banjo
x1 male 3/8" convex to M10 concave

"Line Lock" output hose (180 cm) : same as above, including a 1/4 turn valve directly connected, ideal for shutting off your rear hydraulic brake circuit.

Input hose (165 cm) :

x1 male 3/8" convex to M10 concave
x1 male 3/8" convex to 7/16" concave

handbrake drift mount

handbrake drift mount

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